@theallseeingtimelord: Cassie/Donna N [Seeing something new something Familar]

Donna stood out on the hill where her grandfather used to stargaze every night. She could remember him laughing as they talked about her mother’s new rant or gossip. The two them used to be so close, Donna isn’t sure when it all changed. Possibly before she met Shaun, but she could never blame him. It was her own choice to leave him, it just never felt right to him. Now that her grandfather was in the┬áhospital, something was bugging her. Someone was suppose to be here, but who? She was starting to question her own sanity. Donna Noble has lost her mind, she could imagine her mothers horrors now. ‘What would the neighbors say.’ “Right..” she whispered to herself as she looked at the stars, and it’s bright round Moon.